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With my programs, I engage with each client on a personal level and support them throughout their fitness journey by adjusting to their needs and cheering them on. Make your transformation enjoyable with my programs.

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I am a highly educated Personal Trainer with eight years of fitness experience under my belt. I grew up in Orange County where I fell in love with fitness and helping others transform. I was a former football, track, and baseball player who later attended the University of Oregon where I ended up getting my degree. I aspire to make a positive impact on everyone who seeks my advice and motivation. Make a positive impact on your mind and body by joining the BFIT team.
Founder | Trainer

Bryce Williams


Client Reviews

Bryce is a highly motivated individual and the best part about him is that motivation he has is infectious. Starting a weight loss journey is never easy, especially when you have 200+ pounds to lose. Bryce makes working out accessible, fun, and safe. He works with your limitations and pushes you in a vigorous but fair way to reach your goals. His communication skills are unparalleled, and it is very obvious that he truly cares about the people he trains. I would recommend him to anybody who needs someone to help keep them accountable and on track.


I’ve been training with Bryce twice a week for about four months and have seen a tremendous improvement. He is an excellent coach and does a great job of keeping me accountable without being too intense. I came in 70 pounds overweight with little to no endurance. Since then I have gained 12 pounds of muscle and have lost just under 8% body fat. I can’t wait to see what we do in the next four months.


Bryce is a phenomenal trainer. He has helped me to reach levels of health and fitness that I could not have reached without his training and motivation. He gives just the right amount of push and motivation to keep going. He definitely challenged me. And I truly feel I have become so much stronger since training with him. Also, he has meal plans. I highly recommend Bryce for your training purposes.


Mr. Williams is a professional, knowledgeable and charismatic trainer. I was trained for roughly 8 months and he helped me achieve my dream physique. On top of his workouts, he helped me improve my nutrition and overall health. One thing I struggled in the gym with is my inability to do a squat due to mobility issues; not only did he fix my form, but he helped me get depth, now leg day is one of my favorite days. He makes workouts enjoyable with his easy going personality! I strongly recommend his services to anyone who wants to gain weight, lose weight or just want to be healthier. 🙂


I have been working out with Bryce for years and only have good things to say about him! He has always kept me motivated and accountable which is rare for someone his age. Bryce is a very outgoing and patient guy with a great mindset to help you achieve your goals. Highly recommend!


Bryce is not only patient. He truly cares. If it wasn’t for his guidance and support I would have never dropped 20 pounds and been able to feel confident about my body again. He truly changed my life for the better. His knowledge and guidance have been and continued to be a blessing. I definitely recommend training with Bryce if you want to change your life.


Before beginning my training with Bryce, I didn’t really know how to work out other than using treadmills and machines. Bryce taught me how to be more active and make training fun. Sometimes I thought I would not be able to do something, but Bryce pushed me till I was able to complete the given movement. I was never belittled for being a beginner in the weight room when I was exercising. Bryce knew what I could do and pushed me to keep going.


From working with Bryce, I have lost a lot of excess fat and gained strength while doing so. My posture has increased tremendously since starting my training and I no longer have chronic lower back pain. Bryce has been very patient and knows how to keep the workouts exciting. I highly recommend Bryce’s BFIT programs.





As a coach my job is to produce real results and transform your body. Make your transformation enjoyable with my programs. Lets get started!

Founder | Trainer

Bryce Williams




As a coach my job is to produce real results and transform your body. Make your transformation enjoyable with my programs. Lets get started!

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